Hi, I'm Rebecca, and welcome to C'est Si Bon MD! I'm a physician (pathologist) and part of a dual physician couple. With the challenges of medical school, residency, and fellowship, it's often difficult (honestly, many times near impossible) to balance personal well-being and health with clinical responsibilities. Despite the challenge, I believe there are simple, ordinary things one can focus on to restore well-being - especially through food. I'm a big believer in "you are what you eat"! Often times, physicians are the ones who are rushed, grabbing unhealthy, calorie-laden foods at work, then arriving home in the evening too exhausted to cook anything remotely healthy. I truly believe we need to take care of ourselves before we can best take care of our patients and loved ones. Of course, this applies not only to physicians, but any individual with a busy schedule! Through this blog, I hope to inspire and be inspired by others who share a passion for balanced living. At C'est Si Bon, I'll share a smattering of the simple, everyday joys in our life that have kept us happy, healthy, and grounded during our medical training.  

Thanks for stopping -  I hope you'll find some inspiration on how to lead a healthier, simpler life! 


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