Thursday, November 28, 2013

Right/Left vs. Top/Down Brain

Check this one out: it's a WSJ article, A New Map of the Human Brain, that gives a brief summary of research that disputes the notion that our brains work mostly in a right/left fashion. It's fun to go read the article and guess which you  might be - there's a quiz at the end, so you can see how well you know yourself! I promise, the quiz is only 20 questions and you can do it, even in a Thanksgiving dinner-induced coma. 

 I did surprisingly well - I'm a "situational" mover, which is pretty  much exactly how I'd describe myself. At baseline, I definitely function more in the "perceiver" mode (as my husband will attest, I can wander aimlessly through the grocery store in a totally disorganized fashion for hours....and leave my cart in the middle of the aisles). But I can also kick it up to "mover" easily too.  No energy wasted here, no sir. Life is too short to be planning like crazy all the time - why not just slow down and take it all in??

In all seriousness though, I doubt you can really divide the brain in any one way - like they say in the article, it's more like a bicycle with lots of interdependent moving parts. But, it's still fun just to see where you stand! 

How well did you guess your mode? 

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