Thursday, November 21, 2013


Can you remember the last time you felt true wonder? My husband and I were in NYC over the weekend. Walking through Central Park, we saw the usual myriad of vendors and entertainers. One particular bubble maker caught my eye:

I quickly snapped this photo, but it wasn't until later that I saw the boy in the yellow sweater, mouth agape. I love his expression. This reminded me of our recent trip to Millenium Park in Chicago. It was a weekday morning and the park was swarming with little kids on a school trip.

I was pretty amazed and excited to see the Bean, but oh my god, the kids were beyond excited. They were herded under the bean in large groups. 
But the best part was when they were all huddled underneath and looked up at the underside of the Bean (see view below). That's when the excited screaming started. And I mean collective, unbridled, contagious screaming. It was adorable to watch and definitely put a smile on our faces! 

Thanks for reading! What makes you feel wonder? 

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